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Students Health care

Health care insurance - Do you need one?

Health insurance is needed in case of any illness, accident, injury, poisoning, life-threatening situation, etc.
Foreigners who study in Poland are obliged to:

a) have a personal health or accident insurance policy for the period of education in Poland or
b) have a European Health Insurance Card (applies for citizens of the European Union) or
c) purchase individual insurance from the National Health Fund in Poland immediately after the beginning of their studies - recommended option!

National Health Fund (NFZ)
If you have no travel medical insurance after arriving in Poland, there is a possibility to get insured by the National Health Fund (NFZ).

How to join the National Health Fund (NFZ)

It is an obligatory common system of health care insurance for all citizens of Poland, which guarantees access to all public healthcare services (appointments with physicians and dentists, hospital treatments, medical tests etc.). 

To be able to use such insurance, it is necessary to pay a monthly insurance contribution. The University will pay contributions for people of Polish origin (having a decision on Polish origins issued by a Polish consul) or holders of a valid Polish Card (Karta Polaka).

To purchase voluntary healthcare insurance with the National Health Fund, student needs to:

1. File a completed application with the West Pomeranian Branch of NFZ.

The West Pomeranian Branch of NFZ is located at the following address:
ul. Arkońska 45
71-470 Szczecin

[contact: tel. +48 801 00 22 72 for landlines, tel. +48 91 881 99 72 for mobiles and calls from abroad]

Foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union, while filing an application for voluntary health insurance, should bring:

a passport
a document confirming their legal residence in Poland
a student card.

2. Go to the local branch of the Social Security Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych ZUS), where you have to file a ZUS ZZA form (the form is available here).

The form must be printed out, signed and taken personally to:
the local branch of the Social Security Institution (ZUS)
ul. Matejki 22
70-530 Szczecin

You can also pay there, the first and each subsequent, monthly insurance contribution, which - for foreign students from outside the EU - is PLN 55.80 monthly.

The insurance contribution for each calendar month is payable by the 15th day of the following month for the previous month (e.g. for April by 15th May). Below please find a step-by-step instruction on how to sign an insurance agreement with NFZ.

Going to a doctor 
Should you become ill, go to a health centre of your choice. During your first visit there you will be asked to fill in a DECLARATION FORM ON SELECTING YOUR GENERAL PHYSICIAN (in Poland called: a family doctor). 
Once you submit the declaration form, you will be assigned to this specific health centre and doctor (you can change it only once a year). 
At any visit you must have on you your PESEL number (if you have one) and your passport. These numbers are necessary to verify validity of your insurance. 

Private insurance / no insurance 
A foreigner may also take out voluntary insurance in another insurance institution, both in Poland and abroad. It is important, that the conditions of such insurance include coverage in the case of an illness, accident, injury, poisoning, life-threatening situation, etc.

If you have a private insurance or if you dont have any insurance a medical appointment is paid (about PLN 150). Moreover, the student will have to pay for all the necessary medical tests and treatments as well as pay 100% of the price for all prescription medications bought at a pharmacy.

MUS Students - assistance with NFZ insurance  

At the International Students and Mobility Office of the Maritime University of Szczecin, we will provide you with all information as regards insurance and help you to fill in all necessary documents. Just contact us!

Files to download:

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